Entrepreneur Camp Challenges Youth to Implement Business Mindset

Last week Krumping 4 Success held a Youth Business Challenge at Hemming Park with campers increasing their entrepreneur skills. The campers are attended a six week summer entrepreneur camp with Krumpin 4 Success, an organization dedicated to decreasing risk-taking behavior by providing creative activities and promoting academic stability, economic sufficiency, and successful transition to productive citizenship.

The event is the catalyst for the campers to grasp the skills to own a competitive business. There were two teams competing on which team could  sell the most lemonade and raise the most money. Each team had to create their own brand name and name the flavors of their lemonade including prices and cost analysis. The campers had to come up with their own advertising campaign and prove to customers what made their lemonade better than the other team by promoting their business verbally and visually.

The winner of the challenge was Sunshine Lemonade, the team raised $134 towards their team business plan. “Attending this camp builds every aspect of business and is developing new entrepreneurs in the future. Our motto is feeding minds and making pathways for a holistic lifestyle,” said Shanna when asked to describe the team and volunteers that assisted with the challenge.   Z. Rogers

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