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Great ideas are everywhere. Yet, great businesses built on top of great ideas are far more rare.  Jacksonville has many youth that are creative, innovative and the ability to have successful businesses with guidance and direction. “No More Boxes”, a entrepreneur program and business academy, lets youth experience the powerful combination of great ideas and great business sense by learning entrepreneur skills, developing a business idea and putting it all into action through our Entrepreneur Academy 12 week program (Fall & Spring) or our Entrepreneur Academy Summer Camp 8 weeks program.  Youth that attend our summer and start their businesses are mentored and are able to attend our 12 week programs

A fun and education packed 12 weeks of brainstorming and creating the next innovative ideas.  Youth meet one day per week to gain the tools necessary for entrepreneurship.

A 6 week summer camp that allows youth to start the business launch process.

Our incarcerate youth are one of our most vulnerable population.  K4S has been providing our “No More Boxes” Youth Entrepreneur Academy to more facilities throughout Florida.  We have had success with many youth that have been in our program while in a juvenile residential facility.  Once these young people are released, we continue to provide support through our Home Continuation Program.  

One of our most successful youth inventor is from Broward County in Florida.  We have other youth that have received investments from Angel Investors as well.

Currently, we have youth that created inventions as a group, through our Entrepreneur Academy, while in juvenile facilities.  In addition, several youth created individual businesses, apps and inventions.  The Entrepreneur Academy consist of life skills, team building, academic, job readiness and creating conflict resolution skills.  

We are excited to be offering something new and much needed for our teens in our current state.  Many of our at-risk teens are in need of jobs and money.   We are helping them by creating solutions to both.  Teen are able to participate in all five boot camps.  There are five boot camps during the Spring and Summer as well.  That’s a total of fifteen (15) career paths that our teens get to explore each year.  As our tagline says: “Feeding Minds & Making Pathways for Holistic Lifestyles.”

These boot camps are being taught by industry professionals and allowing teens to learn how to start a business in those industries. 

Nail Tech

Hair Braiding


Dessert Table

The Café Liberation Apprenticeship Program, for ages 15-23 is design to give youth an entry and advanced level understanding of the foodservice industry.  Café Liberation is one of the only youth apprenticeship programs in Jacksonville that is Nationally recognized.  These youth obtain a certificate from the American Culinary Federation upon completion of 1000 hours.  Our apprentice have the opportunity for part-time positions with Café Liberation Catering after obtaining there certificate.  While an apprentice, they receive a stipend for onsite and offsite serving opportunities.

Our program introduces youth to the professional kitchen and the hospitality industry.  Youth utilize their reading, writing, math, science and language skills as they master the program objectives.  Youth are exposed to Spanish, French, and English vocabulary words, food science, culinary math, nutrition, and leadership principals throughout the program.  Youth demonstrate professionalism and hire-ability

skills as they work individually and in small groups on projects, challenges, portfolios, multi-media presentation, etc. throughout the program.

Our programs equip youth to prepare meals that are nutritious, appetizing, and beautifully garnished! Hands-on training, classroom instruction, study assignments, and team projects provide youths with a complete training experience.  

Youth that successfully complete the apprenticeship are able to intern at our Rockin Waffle Café. 

Krumpin 4 Success provides our 8 week workforce readiness program for our youth.  Some of these are requirements as part of the participation in our organization.  Each youth is given an individualized service plan to complete in 1 year.

“So You Think You Want To Be An adult’ Adulting Series (Life Skills) 

“Securing the Bag” (Job Readiness Skills)