KRumpin for Success

Feeding Minds & Making Pathways for Holistic Lifestyles

We must start, today, showing a greater interest in the lives of our youth and young adults.  As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”. 

Career Development: We promote college and career


Entrepreneur & Innovation Program:

Great ideas are everywhere. Yet, great businesses built on top of great ideas are far more rare.  


Entrepreneur Academy 12 week program

A fun and education packed 12 weeks of brainstorming and creating the next innovative ideas.  Youth meet one day per week to gain the tools necessary for entrepreneurship.


Café Liberation Culinary Apprenticeship Program

The Café Liberation Apprenticeship Program, for ages 15-23 is design to give youth an entry and advanced level understanding of the foodservice industry. 


Juvenile Incarceration Entrepreneur & Inventor’s Program

Our incarcerate youth is one of our most vulnerable populations.  K4S has been providing our “No More Boxes” Youth Entrepreneur Academy to more facilities throughout Florida. 


Career Trade Boot Camps

We are excited to be offering something new and much-needed for our teens in our current state.  Many of our at-risk teens are in need of jobs and money.


Summer Camp

A 6 week summer camp that allows youth to start the business launch process.


Workforce Readiness

Krumpin 4 Success provides our 8 week workforce readiness program for our youth.



“So You Think You Want To Be An adult’ Adulting Series (Life Skills) 

About Us

Krumpin 4 Success caters to youth between the ages of 13-24

This organization was designed to give youth an opportunity for creative expression, business skills, social skills and a positive outlet. Our demographic groups include troubled youth, juveniles under supervision with DJJ, and priority to youth within the designated zip codes of 32208, 32209, 32205.  K4S provides resources on a weekly basis for youth, supportive services, job skills training, youth mentoring, after-school programming, entrepreneurship, career trades and guidance. 

We focus on four areas that assist in providing resources and opportunities for these youth and their families to succeed.


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